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Discover the power of Colman Media, where we don’t just market your brand; we transform it into a luminary in its field. Our suite of services is designed to give your business the ‘Celebrity Energy’ it deserves, making it not just visible but unforgettable.

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About Us

The Story Behind the Stardom

At Colman Media, our mission is to infuse every client’s brand with that elusive ‘Celebrity Energy’ – turning your business into a star that captivates audiences and outshines competitors. Our team of marketing maestros and branding virtuosos are experts in crafting a persona for your brand that’s as compelling as any celebrity’s.

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Transform your brand's identity to red-carpet status.

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Orchestrate a marketing masterpiece across all platforms.

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Turn your social media into a fan-favorite and ensure your brand outshines others in search engine results.


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– Mellysa

About Us

Welcome to Colman Media – Where Brands Become Celebrities!

We are Chris and Mellysa Colman, the driving force behind Colman Media, a venture born in 2007 with a singular mission: to transform local businesses into digital superstars. Our expertise in web design, branding, and Chris’s revolutionary SEO strategies, are your ticket to the ‘Celebrity Energy’ your brand deserves.

Our Origins: From Dreams to Digital Limelight

Picture this: a humble home office, two visionaries with boundless aspirations, and the energy of countless coffees fueling our dream. From day one, our ambition transcended beyond mere web design and SEO optimization. Our true passion lies in catapulting the unique stories of our clients into the digital limelight, ensuring a personalized, star-quality experience for every brand we collaborate with.

Chris, the SEO Virtuoso

Chris, our founder, is not just an SEO expert; he’s the maestro behind your brand’s rise to digital fame. His approach is bespoke, treating SEO as an art form that synchronizes the rhythm of your business with the dynamic pulse of the online universe. With Chris, SEO is more than a technique; it’s your brand’s path to stardom.

Mellysa, the Branding Maestra

Mellysa is the creative dynamo at Colman Media. She doesn’t just devise marketing strategies; she infuses your brand’s story into every aspect, creating a narrative as unique as your business’s signature. Her expertise ensures your brand’s story is not just told but felt, echoing the ‘Celebrity Energy’ ethos.

Beyond Business: Pioneers at the Tech Frontier

Away from the digital stage, we immerse ourselves in the tech community, leading the NextGen Tech Talks: NY Capital. Our passion for AI, Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 keeps us at the forefront of tech innovation, ensuring our strategies are not just current but futuristic.

Our Impact: Crafting Digital Legends

Consider our collaboration with an exotic car rental in Las Vegas – a success story that sings our prowess. Within three months, they witnessed a $30k monthly revenue surge, a testament to our unified expertise in web design, branding, and Chris’s masterful SEO strategies.

Embracing the Digital Evolution

In this fast-paced digital era, staying ahead is paramount. Mellysa’s eBook, ‘Beyond Keywords’: The Blueprint for Thriving in the Modern Digital Landscape, heralds our vision for the future – where authenticity and ‘Celebrity Energy’ are the cornerstones of digital success.

That’s our story, but we’re more excited about yours.
Ready to transform your brand into a digital icon? Let’s light up the digital sky together with Colman Media!

Chris Colman

Founder, SEO Virtuoso
& Digital Innovator

Greetings! I’m Chris, the mastermind behind the SEO and digital innovation at Colman Media. My journey in the digital world has been one of constant evolution, transforming SEO from a mere tactic to an art form. As the Founder and the leading force in SEO Strategy & Digital Innovation, my aim is to elevate businesses to celebrity status in the digital universe.

My approach goes beyond traditional SEO; it’s about crafting a digital persona for brands that resonates and connects deeply with their audience. Every client partnership is a star-making voyage, a collaborative endeavor towards digital magnificence and prominence

Mellysa Colman

Co-Founder, Branding Maestra & Future Tech Evangelist

Hello there! I’m Mellysa, the creative heartbeat of Colman Media. With over a decade and a half in nurturing businesses, my expertise lies in sculpting brands into digital celebrities. My zeal for groundbreaking technologies like AI, Crypto, Blockchain, AR, and VR, drives my vision in both business development and as a compelling public speaker. My presentations are a blend of insights into the world of digital branding and the thrilling possibilities of future tech.

At Colman Media, I combine strategic branding with an avant-garde approach, turning each project into a success story. My dedication is more than professional; it’s a celebration of each brand’s unique narrative, championing their growth and forging enduring connections. Embarking on the journey of digital triumph with our clients is my true calling and joy.

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