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Explore ‘Our Work’ to witness the transformational journey of brands that have stepped into the spotlight with Colman Media’s signature ‘Celebrity Energy’ web designs and branding expertise.

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Step into our gallery of stardom with ‘Showcase of Stars’, a collection of our most illustrious projects. Each piece in our portfolio is a testament to Colman Media’s ‘Celebrity Energy’ branding — where innovative web design meets dazzling marketing strategy. Here, we spotlight the transformative journeys of brands that have risen to fame through our expert touch. Witness the magnetic allure of our work and imagine the potential for your own brand to sparkle in the digital spotlight.


Our Latest Work

White Tie Organizing

The White Tie Organizing website is a testament to the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. This elegant and professionally crafted online platform serves as the digital face of White Tie Organizing, a premium in-home and office space refinement service.

AARK Investments

The primary objective in designing the AARK Investments website is to craft a platform that mirrors the professionalism and credibility of the real estate investment sector. We aim to create a visually appealing, modern interface that clearly presents information with an organized hierarchy, emphasizing AARK Investments’ unique portfolio and opportunities. A key focus is on showcasing the real estate projects with enticing visuals and detailed descriptions.

Freeze Rockin' Markski

Our primary goal in designing the Freeze Rockin’ Markski website is to create a platform that not only reflects the artist’s unique style and hip-hop culture influence but also ensures effective content organization and easy navigation across sections like “About Artist,” “Graffthetics,” “Gallery,” “Music,” and “Blog.” A significant focus is placed on the promotion of “Graffthetics Book I,” showcasing the book with engaging visuals and a seamless purchase process. The design aims to balance artistic expression with professionalism, ensuring that the artist’s legacy and offerings are communicated effectively. Integration of an online store for the book is key, providing a user-friendly and secure shopping experience.

Kandor Homes

In the design of the Kandor Homes website, our foremost objectives are to craft a user-friendly and professional online presence that clearly conveys the ease and benefits of selling homes with Kandor Homes in Los Angeles. The site will prioritize a clear and accessible layout of key sections like “Home,” “About Us,” and “How It Works,” ensuring information is readily available. A major focus will be on highlighting the advantages of choosing Kandor Homes, such as fair cash offers and a stress-free selling process. We aim to foster trust and transparency through the website, incorporating customer testimonials and a service comparison to showcase Kandor Homes’ unique approach. Lead generation features, such as an easy-to-use contact form, will be strategically integrated to encourage homeowner engagement.

Go Try Organic

The Go Try Organic website is a reflection of Colman Media’s ‘Celebrity Energy’ design ethos, where elegance meets digital functionality. Meticulously crafted, this online platform is more than just a website; it’s an embodiment of the wellness and spirituality industry, showcasing our ability to blend sophisticated visuals and user-centric navigation. It stands as a testament to promoting positive lifestyles and wellness, providing a captivating user experience that mirrors the principles of yoga and energy healing.


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